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The Belfry CE VA Primary School, Overstrand

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Our Partnerships

The Belfry CE VA Primary School has (since June 2023) worked together with Worstead CE VA Primary School as partners under one executive headteacher, and since September 2023, also benefitting from a shared deputy headteacher.


Most small schools in our corner of North Norfolk already have similar arrangements and are grouped into two, threes or even fours of partner schools, sharing leadership and resources to do a better job for all the children and schools in their care - strength in numbers, in other words. We already work closely with these neighbouring federations.


From 4th January 2024, our two schools will become North Star Federation, however they will still retain their individual names and characteristics. The North Star name is used in those instances where we are working across both schools, such as in governors meetings, strategic planning, sports tournaments, administrative communications etc. From a child's point of view, Belfry is Belfry and Worstead is Worstead. 


Although our two schools are very much separate and have their own long histories and ways of working, they are also both small village primaries and have a great deal in common including their overarching mission which is to provide the very best possible education founded on Christian values. This fundamental purpose is the reason why the schools have chosen to work closely together, and why in the future we will continue to further enhance the education we can offer by continuing to look up and out, rather than down and in. It is also why we can effectively share a single vision of hope for building a better future.