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The Belfry CE VA Primary School, Overstrand

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Curriculum Intent

Curriculum Intent - What are we trying to achieve?


The Belfry Primary School’s curriculum is challenging


At The Belfry, we believe that every child can learn and we work with the expectation that 100% of pupils achieve Expected standards or above in their learning. We have high expectations and the children rise to meet those expectations. Strong systems support those who need support.


The curriculum content is challenging – it uses increasingly sophisticated lenses to look at new material within the context of what has previously been learnt. The curriculum develops and becomes richer: whether it is high energy and skill based PE, or learning about Pangaea in Geography, or discovering how St Edmund became our first patron saint… we want children to become keen learners, eager to succeed and proud of their progress.


The Belfry Primary School’s curriculum is empowering


Children are taught to be more than just resilient – they are taught to be anti-fragile; to become stronger by making mistakes and learning from them, to be able to see problems as ‘speedbumps’ which might slow you down, but can be overcome.


As one of our pupils said, “I know I can do it, I just can’t do it yet!”


This approach is embodied by our use of the PE grant to teach Skateboarding to the older classes – a skill you cannot learn without making mistakes!


The Belfry Primary School’s curriculum inspires self- belief and a strong work ethic


Our high standards link in with an approach that focusses on personal progress. Children are proud of the progress they make – they use an internal scorecard rather than measuring themselves against others. They learn the causal link between hard work and success, whatever their starting point.  


The Belfry Primary School’s curriculum is inclusive


The Belfry Primary School is a highly inclusive mainstream school that caters for a diverse range of backgrounds, needs and abilities. Children receive the year group curriculum they are entitled to and deserve; if a child happens to have gaps in their earlier knowledge we will support them, but that child is as much a part of the class as every other child. We use a style of teaching we have developed called Recursive Teaching that enables all children to succeed in all classes.  


The Belfry Primary School’s curriculum is child-centred


Where possible (and particularly in Early Years) teachers plan learning experiences that reflect the children’s own experiences and interests. Children are encouraged to be in charge of their own learning.


‘Memory is the residue of thinking,’ and so all children are supported in thinking about their learning, so that learning becomes embedded.  We encourage children to be curious about every aspect of the curriculum, and use questioning to deepen their understanding.


The Belfry Primary School’s curriculum is nurturing


Our PHSE curriculum allows children to explore issues and feelings in a safe environment. They learn how to keep themselves healthy (physically and emotionally), safe (in the real world and the digital world) and understand how to respect the views and beliefs of others. Our dedicated staff team provide strong pastoral support for all children, always using the anti-fragile approach.


The Belfry Primary School’s curriculum is community-inspired


Here at The Belfry, we have a secure understanding of the need to work in close partnership with the children’s families and the local community in order to enhance our curriculum further. We aim to ensure that children develop a sound understanding of themselves and their place in the world around them, and we aspire to prepare them to be active citizens in adulthood.


The Belfry Primary School’s curriculum is fun


Above all, we want our children to enjoy school and make the most of every opportunity given to them. We love nothing better than seeing happy, smiling faces and know that our very best learning comes from enjoying what we do. 


Play is an essential part of learning, especially learning social and emotional skills. We have structured the school so that different types of play make the Belfry a fun place to learn: a place where everyone grows together and creates happy memories.