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Our Ethos


"Happy Children Learn"


ivy and milly

Our Vision


"At the Belfry we live out our key Christian values of Compassion and Perseverance, seen clearly in the parable of the Prodigal Son. 


We are Compassionate: we know, that although all our choices have consequences, we are still valued unconditionally. 


We Persevere in all our relationships; in all our learning."


Biblical text

The Prodigal Son had everything but valued nothing; yet his father was still compassionate towards him. In the same way, at the Belfry we value all the children all of the time, despite mistakes or even poor choices!


The Prodigal Son only found true happiness when he experienced the compassion of his father. In the same way, we all thrive and become happier as we experience consistent compassion each day.


When we experience happiness in our lives, we become more able to persevere in our learning and become stronger in facing challenges, always aiming towards excellence.


We persevere in our compassion; we persevere in our learning.



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