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2019 leavers' video

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2018 leavers' video

Belfry Leavers 2018 final.mp4

2017 leavers' video


2015 leavers' video

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Videos made in school

Metamorphosis by Evie, Aimee, Izzy, Rosie and Scout

5 pupils have chosen to read Franz Kafka's Metamorphosis in an after school club.

They analysed a passage where Gregor Samsa, who has awoken and discovered he is now a giant insect, hears his family trying to wake him up.

The pupils created a shooting storyboard with which to make a film of the scene - they only had 10 minutes! Enjoy!


Children in Need

Oak Class organised an afternoon of fund raising activities and made these adverts to explain what was going to happen! They made over £160!

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