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Happy Children Learn. Some resources:

The National Curriculum.

You may have the time, space and energy to create your own approach from scratch! If so, here is the link to the National Curriculum!


Year group projects

The Robin Hood Trust of schools in Birmingham have produced a series of Year Group projects for parents. They are filled with good ideas and offer comprehnsive plans for supporting your child/ren.

They seem perfect for picking and choosing from!


Belfry suggestions

Happy Children Learn

and Happy Children Learn from Happy Households


Personally my starting point would be to settle in and adjust to the strange times we are living through!

Teaching your own children can be very tough and, personally, I wouldn't recommend trying to replicate school - it can be very stressful!


I would aim for a 9 till 3:15 daily routine, and start off with a walk - whatever the weather!

After that I'd be picking from a mixture of board games, cooking, gardening, reading, writing, drawing, learning to ride a bike, skateboarding...whatever takes your fancy!


There are also loads of suggestions in the Year Group Projects above - have a look through and see if anything jumps out! There are a million resources out there, and many more will come online and be available - but my strong advice would be, make sure you are all happy and enjoying yourselves!

Trying to teach fronted adverbials and algebra can be difficult at the best of times! Start off with happy activity days first, and then move towards 'school work' is my advice.


As time moves on we will start to add more specific ideas on and maybe move towards bespoke lessons, but who knows what the future brings!


Just remember, Happy Children Learn ...and look after yourselves too!

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