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Support with Phonics!

Here are some videos to support your learning of phonics! We have videos to support phase 2 and 3 (learnt in Holly Class and recapped in Larch Class) and phase 5 (learnt in Larch Class and recapped in Willow Class). 

Phase 2 - video 1

The first video is to teach you the phase 2 letter-sound correspondence (so the sound each letter makes). 

Introduction to phase 2 sounds.mov

Phase 2 - video 2

The second video is to support you to identify the picture that we use for each sound we learn. Can you remember what picture we use for each sound?

Phase 2 phonics Video 1.mov

Phase 2 - video 3

The third video is to support you in identifying the sound of each letter. Can you look at the letter and say the sound? Can you remember what picture will be on the back of each letter?

Phase 2 phonics Video 1.mov
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