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Spring 2019

Larch Class (Year 1 and 2) learnt an enormous amount about the seven continents through their topic ‘Our World’. They began by looking at the physical geography of the world and checking their understanding of some of the terminology they would come across, such as ‘land’ and ‘island’.

They moved on to learn about how the world’s seven continents and five oceans were created.

One child wrote: “The land was a whole land. It was moveing so slowly it broak into seven continents.”

Larch Class carried out lots of different activities to develop their understanding of how the land moved slowly apart. They used a map of the continents, almost like a jigsaw puzzle, to enact the continental drift.

Here you can see the children in Larch Class using play dough to show their knowledge of the shape, size and position of the seven continents.

spring 2019 larch
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