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Aims, Values and Ethos

Grace – a British Value



One of the aspects of the Belfry that makes us proudly distinctive is the very clear focus on Grace.


Grace can be a tricky concept to articulate and understand, but hopefully the school embodies it!

Grace is a Christian Value, perhaps best exemplified in the story of the Prodigal Son:



The staff spent a training day discussing what Grace was and how to define it. They arrived at,


“All choices have consequences, and all pupils are valued unconditionally”


This certainly encapsulates the value of Grace, but not in a very child friendly form! The children have stated it plainly of course!


“Be Fair, Share and Care!”


What does Grace look like in practice? The best way to find out would be to visit the Belfry, but on a day to day level it means having a daily reset – each day starts afresh. Whatever happened the day before is dealt with and we all move on. In this way no one builds up a reputation, instead everyone is treated with Grace.

Everyone has the same value to us, from the neediest and most difficult, to the most easy going and successful, irrespective of class, faith, race, culture, gender or whatever category you can think of!

What are the effects of Grace? The school strongly believes that “Happy Children Learn” and Grace enables this to take place. Pupils learn to treat each other well and respect and value each other, and this then gives the best environment in which to learn and achieve their potential.


Another way to think of Grace is as a way to move higher up Maslow’s Hierarchy – it is an important part of both ‘Love and Belonging’, and ‘Self Esteem’:


Since November 2014 schools have been instructed to promote fundamental British Values:

and, as a Christian school for everyone, we are very glad to do so!

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