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Belfry CEVA Primary - a church school

The Belfry is a church school in so many ways! We have been around since 1830 and our original building was constructed from the bricks of the bell tower, from the Overstrand church which collapsed as cliffs eroded - hence the name, The Belfry!

Our school was begun by two cousins, Anna Gurney and Sarah Buxton, whose families are still part of Overstrand and surrounding areas!

We are now a Church of England Voluntary Aided school (CEVA). This means that we share strong connections with the families who set up the school, as well as close links with the Diocese of Norwich. And our Governing Body is structured to incorporate four Foundation Governors.

Our local church is St Martin's of Overstrand, now rebuilt - and further inland! http://www.norfolkchurches.co.uk/overstrand/overstrand.htm 

St Martin's church is part of the Poppyland benefice, and the local incumbent will often support the Belfry school as part of their pastoral and community support among the seven parishes they oversee. http://www.poppylandchurches.org.uk/


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