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Miss Watts' Leavers Video

Mr Cotton's Leavers Video

Titus' leaving video .mp4

Mr Cotton's Leavers Video

Last Assembly.mp4

The Second Coronation

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Hello there!

I’m Titus Cotton and I am very proud to be Head of the Belfry CEVA Primary School in Overstrand.

We are a small school with 146 pupils, situated in the seaside village of Overstrand, North Norfolk.

The original school dates back to 1830 and our current building was completed in 2006.

The children, their parents, the staff and the governors all work very hard to try and make the school the best that it can be. 

Our strongly held belief is that  “Happy Children Learn”.

It underpins everything  we do: we believe that Happy Children Learn, and our vision for the school is Happy Children Learning.

Hopefully the website will give you a flavour of the school – if there is anything else that you would like to know then please do not hesitate to contact us!

Best wishes,
Titus Cotton, Headteacher

Our Ofsted! Thank you to everyone who supports the school!

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Leaver's Video 2021

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10 Blue Cards July 2021

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Sports Day video

Someone who said she'd never do skateboarding...


10 Blue Cards 28th May

28th May complete.mp4

Skipping Day

Skipping day.mp4

Residential! Thank you Mrs Duke and Mrs Martell!



Childhood is about play...

Trim Trail.mp4

New Trim Trail!

Trim trail.mp4 maths gamestyred



10 blue cards xmas.mp4

These are strange times and everyone in Britain is a bit anxious, but we know Happy Children Learn, and so we make sure play time is fun and free - I've no idea what games they are all playing but they are happy and creative and enjoying their childhood! 


10 Blue Cards

10 Blue Cards.mp4
dpStay Lucky!.mp4

We are out everyday so bring a coat and wellies!

The field 1.mp4

Goodbye Mrs Watkins, and goodbye Year 6!

Leaver's Video 2.mp4Jodie 2.mp4mrs_watkins_vid_ww (1).mp4June 2nd.mp4June 1st.mp4 happy childrenCapture(1)

We'll meet again! (The video is from our last day!)

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