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8th July - Stay Happy!


I am hearing lots about children starting to worry and the homeschooling is getting harder to organise - my very clear advice is...you and your child's happiness comes first. 


It's a global pandemic and there will be all sorts of effects but you and your child's happiness needs to take priority over everything else!


If they want to do the work - great! But please don't get yourself stressed about it - just spend some time together and be happy - play in the garden, go for a walk, share a book, watch a film together...go to McDonalds for a bit of old school normality!


It's a strange time and we just need to get to the other side with all our relationships strong, and looking after each other. This is a historical moment and you and your child's happiness is paramount. 


Take a break and a step back and do some happy things together!

A good tip is...your child wants some control. Everything feels upside down and worrying so if they can get some control they'll feel better - maybe let them choose what to watch and read? where to go for a walk?

Den building is great (indoors and out) as it gives them their own space and a feeling of control.


Good luck and best wishes from all of us at the Belfry!



Update - there is still extra provision available for the children of key workers if required - but it will be different from the class bubbles.

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You'll never find my money! Keep safe, and how to leave the field.


Parents! How to drop your children off!


Kids! How to get to your classroom!


Kids! How to get onto the field!


Parents! How to collect your children!


Posters in school!

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We'll meet again! (The video is from our last day!)


Coronavirus Facts


Hello there!

I’m Titus Cotton and I am very proud to be Head of the Belfry CEVA Primary School in Overstrand.

We are a small school with 136 pupils, situated in the seaside village of Overstrand, North Norfolk.

The original school dates back to 1830 and our current building was completed in 2006.

The children, their parents, the staff and the governors all work very hard to try and make the school the best that it can be. 

Vision, Values and Ethos

We have three mains aims and beliefs that help us all in settling into school:

Our vision is that  “Happy Children Learn”.

It is our underlying ethos too; we believe that Happy Children Learn, and our vision is for the school is Happy Children Learning.

But where does this happiness come from? As a Christian school we are centred around the theme of Grace, perhaps best exemplified by the story of the Prodigal Son (Luke 15:11-32). As a school we defined our understanding of Grace as, "All choices have consequences, and all pupils are valued unconditionally”.

The children have created their own ethos: “Be Fair, Share and Care”.

Once settled and happy in school our focus on Learning is very much about “Ambition and Progress”.

Hopefully the website will give you a flavour of the school – if there is anything else that you would like to know then please do not hesitate to contact us!

Best wishes,
Titus Cotton, Headteacher

Our Christian Value this half term is FORGIVENESS

Our Ofsted! Thank you to everyone who supports the school!

"...children ‘thoroughly enjoy’ coming to school every day and ‘thrive’ in the ‘can do,’ caring and supportive atmosphere you create for them...exceptional care and consideration": Ofsted Dec 2016

And the child grew, and waxed strong in spirit, filled with wisdom: and the grace of God was upon him. 

Luke 2:40    King James Version 

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