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FAQ #5

Will class swimming be happening this academic year for PE?

COVID has thrown up many issues and it does look as if school swimming may be a casualty of the pandemic. We are awaiting further instructions and updates from Government and from County as to whether school swimming sessions will take place, and how that may work. 

Is reading still happening within the class as have not had a school book home?

COVID has also affected reading - not the teaching of reading (which is still happening) but the whole 'reading book' system - at the moment the requirement is that any reading books handled by a child need to be 'quarantined' for 72 hours, which makes setting up a system quite hard. We deliberately chose not to set up a reading system in the first few weeks as we wanted to focus on getting the children settled in first and also find out how other schools are approaching the issue. Reading is still being taught in class and we hope that all children are reading at home, and we are about to restart the school reading book system very shortly.

What to do if your child is poorly!

what to do !

Hello! We had a trial run of our COVID systems today and everything works fine! We followed systems and protocols and you can rest assured that we know what we are doing!

If you want to double check what parents and carers need to do I've attached the document below.

Take it easy!


Not got the right PE kit yet?...don't worry.


Not got the right uniform yet?...don't worry.


Not got the right school shoes yet?...don't worry.


(...I could write these all day but the message will still be the same...'Don't Worry!')


We'll use the first two weeks to settle in, settle down, get used to new routines...


Some of you will be worried (some of you will have been waiting for this day since March 23rd!) but the school is as safe as it can be...there is far more risk in going on a car journey.


Be positive and happy, bring your child to school, then 'drop and run' - and go and have a cup of tea and a bit of peace for the first time in 6 months!


See you tomorrow!

Stay Lucky!.mp417181920(1)21(1)september opening

We are out everyday so bring a coat and wellies!

The field 1.mp4parent poster

Children's welcome!

Pupils' welcome.mp4

Parents' and carers' welcome!

Parents' welcome.mp420212223242526

Risk Assessment info specifically for parents and carers

This document contains the information from the Risk Assessment that is specifically for parents and carers. Much of it is already addressed in the FAQs  but some new info, including for Reception parents and carers.

Please have a read, if only to reassure yourself that everything is really as safe as can be!


Hello there! These are some of our plans for September! The Governors will confirm nearer the time and of course everything is subject to change in these unusual times!

I will be on the gate to welcome everyone! We will follow the same procedure as before Summer where everyone comes up the path (socially distanced of course!) and then leaves through the school car park.

If you have children in different bubbles then feel free to bring and collect them in one group.

We also aim to have Breakfast Club and After School Club running as normal!

More info to follow but whatever you do - don't worry! The children who came in over April, May, June and July had a great time and were safe and happy, and we'll make sure that happens from September too!


Best wishes! (Oh, and please check out the field request below! We could do with some help!smiley)

Field project request!

Hello there!

We're slowly getting ready for September and we'll send out all details soon, as well as answering all questions!

However, before then...are there any parents who might be able to take on a project on the field before we reopen?

We need 2 more digging pits! The digging pit was such a success during June and July and we need two more! If anyone fancies setting one up that would be great! Please email the school office and I'll get back to you!

Also ...does anyone know where we could 3 enormous tractor tyres from? I thought they would be great to have semi buried and then used as seats.

The den building was also a massive success so if anyone has any sticks around 2 metres long then we could also do with loads of them!

We have other plans too but companies are quoting a November start date so I want to see if we can get things ready ourselves for September.

If you can help with one of these projects in any way then please email the school office at office@overstrand.norfolk.sch.uk with the  subject heading Field Plans and the emails will be forwarded on to me.

Hope all goes well! Best wishes, Mr Cotton

Goodbye Mrs Watkins, and goodbye Year 6!

These videos don't work well in Chrome for some reason!

Leaver's Video 2.mp4Jodie 2.mp4mrs_watkins_vid_ww (1).mp4

Packed full of Summer Ideas!

Daily home school support material is available via the Learning tab on the left!

June 2nd.mp4June 1st.mp4

You'll never find my money! Keep safe, and how to leave the field.


Parents! How to drop your children off!


Kids! How to get to your classroom!


Kids! How to get onto the field!


Parents! How to collect your children!


Posters in school!

DSCN2429.AVIgb letter to parents 27th mayCapture1Capture2Capture3happy childrenCapture(1)

We'll meet again! (The video is from our last day!)



Hello there!

I’m Titus Cotton and I am very proud to be Head of the Belfry CEVA Primary School in Overstrand.

We are a small school with 136 pupils, situated in the seaside village of Overstrand, North Norfolk.

The original school dates back to 1830 and our current building was completed in 2006.

The children, their parents, the staff and the governors all work very hard to try and make the school the best that it can be. 

Our strongly held belief is that  “Happy Children Learn”.

It underpins everything  we do: we believe that Happy Children Learn, and our vision for the school is Happy Children Learning.

Hopefully the website will give you a flavour of the school – if there is anything else that you would like to know then please do not hesitate to contact us!

Best wishes,
Titus Cotton, Headteacher

Our Christian Value this half term is FORGIVENESS

Our Ofsted! Thank you to everyone who supports the school!

"...children ‘thoroughly enjoy’ coming to school every day and ‘thrive’ in the ‘can do,’ caring and supportive atmosphere you create for them...exceptional care and consideration": Ofsted Dec 2016

And the child grew, and waxed strong in spirit, filled with wisdom: and the grace of God was upon him. 

Luke 2:40    King James Version 

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