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Timetable from June 1st - June 15th

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You'll never find my money! Keep safe, and how to leave the field.


We're getting very close to full capacity with Year 1 and Year 6, however we will be contacting parents again in two weeks to see if we need to alter our arrangements to cope with more pupils! (Children who have been coming so far are still welcome!)

School lunch menu below. Please use parent pay, or if using cash please put in sealed and named envelope and put in external postbox by school main door - thanks!

Parents! How to drop your children off!


Kids! How to get to your classroom!


Kids! How to get onto the field!


Parents! How to collect your children!


Posters in school!

DSCN2429.AVIgb letter to parents 27th may

OK, here we go! June 1st...

School is closed for half term - sorry. Below you can see the timetable that we be running from June 1st. I've also given a quick recap on what the system will be. And I've also attached a massive Risk Assessment for Parents that will give you all the details if you want them. And more info for home-schoolers coming up soon!

We will review everything after two weeks.

These are the rules that we have to follow...and we will also do everything we can to keep your children happy! Please email the school if you have any questions!


Take it easy!


June 1st reopening FAQ


Your questions answered (hopefully!)


First off…how’s everyone doing? Hope you’re all safe and well.


Reopening has been, quite frankly, a logistical nightmare as there are so many demands to be met – government, unions, parents, children, staff, health and safety, and so on.


We’ve done our best – the proposed setup is unique to us, as each school’s responses will be. It depends on parental demand, staff availability and the structure of the school. You will find schools who are doing things we can’t, and you’ll find schools not doing things that we can.


All I can say is that we’ve worked incredibly hard to ensure that your children will be as safe and happy as can be…and this can be at school or at home! Whatever works for you!


Here’s the PLAN!


  • ‘Bubbles’ of 15 children and one staff member will move around school to a timetable that ensures they are kept as safe as possible


  • We will have to stagger the start of the day and the end of the day to ensure there is social distancing with drop off and pick up.  


  • This means the days will be shorter (to be honest the children will be exhausted!) but we plan to be open for the full week from June 1st.


  • We can’t run breakfast club and after school club I’m afraid, but things may change after a couple of weeks.


  • If you are a keyworker then please contact the school – however your child will be placed in a Year R class, a Year 1 class or a Year 6 class.


  • The Governing Body are overseeing the Risk Assessment that we are completing and will only open the school if they are happy with that risk assessment.


  • I’ll be contacting parents of year R, year 1and year 6 children this week to discuss any issues that you have, but hopefully most will be answered in the following section:




My first question, is why the Government have chosen those particular year groups to return back to school first? Genuinely, I do not know! Whatever was decided would always have some downsides.


My concerns would be how children of that age can learn to social distance and the emotional levels of not being about to be in contact with people, and so therefore what provisions would be put in place to support this when they go back in June? This is where we may have the edge in that we already operate with the key idea that Happy Children Learn. It’s not going to be easy but children adjust very quickly. We cannot guarantee social distancing but we will certainly be encouraging and reminding. Children will have their own tables, 2 metres away from others, and they will have their own resources. We have been told to remove shared resources. They will have timetabled access to the field, to toilets, to lunch, etc. We will try and get them outside as much as possible where they can socialise…from a distance!



Also is the plan to continue with structured lessons from the curriculum when they return? There’ll be some learning going on but to be honest my first concern will be to see that they are happy and safe. Any lessons will be around the Night Zookeeper, Oak Academy, or BBC Bitesize work already available, so that pupils at home can access the same material. Year 6 will continue to use Google Classrooms.



 And what happens to those who choose not to send their children back to school in June? will they be sent the work to do at home or will those children miss out? The same work will be available to them as is presented in class.


School uniforms? Nope! Come dressed for playing outside. Wash those clothes when you get home and wear a different set of clothes the next day - government advice.


Also for the year groups that aren't returning to the classroom, will there be more structured lessons coming through for them? I’m afraid that the focus will be massively on re-opening the school, and with groups of 15 pupils we are going to have to double the amount of staff required (two adults to cover a split class of 30). We will do what we can, but the work would come from BBC Bitesize and the Oak Academy anyway which parents have access to already. It’s not great but that’s all we can do given the limitations of the school.



If we choose not to send our children back in June is there the possibility of online classrooms? We do not have the capacity for this but the work will be mirrored online so that all pupils will have similar access to the same material.




Will the teachers and children be expected to wear or be provided with PPE e.g. face masks? Teachers and staff have been told that with social distancing in place that they do not require PPE, except in occasions of First Aid. The government have said that the children do not require PPE. This is probably the most contentious issue of all. We will clean the school and set up systems, and we will keep the children in bubbles of 15 where we encourage and remind about social distancing…but we cannot guarantee it. If you want to send your child with face masks etc that’s fine, but adults will not be able to supervise their wearing of it.



What measures will be put in place to enforce social distancing for reception and year 1? Staggered drop off and pick up from school, separate tables 2m away where possible, separate resources. There will be posters and songs and videos reminding them…but if I’m honest, some are 4 years old. We will remind and encourage and demonstrate and praise…but we cannot guarantee it. We will do our best for your children but it needs to be a happy school not a regimented prison.


Will you need to know in advance whether our child will be attending on 1st June in order to arrange appropriate staffing and plans? Yes. I will be contacting parents during this week to ascertain whether people wish to come to school or not. We have devised a plan that would be able to work even if all of year R, year 1 and year 6 and all the children of key workers turned up – however knowing in advance would really help!



Will this change the timings of the school day for instance start, end times, breaks and lunchtimes as would this need to be staggered? Yes. There will half hour slots for pupils to be dropped off and collected, and these will be staggered. Once I have some idea of the numbers of children involved I can set up a timetable. The school day timetable has been devised to ensure that the ‘bubbles’ do not mix.



Will the children still get the hot school meals for lunch or will a packed lunch need to be provided? We are unsure about this – it may be that the kitchens provide packed lunches rather than hot food. More details as we get them. Feel free to send them with their own packed lunch if you wish.



If the majority of children return how will you be able to separate pupils in the classrooms, I assume this will only be possible if reduced numbers return? There are only 3 year groups returning and if everyone turns up we would have around 5 groups of 15 pupils, which is what we have planned for. If numbers drop we will need fewer groups. The government rules say that the tables need to be separate with a 2 metre distance between pupils.



How will playtime work as it will be very hard to keep the children apart?  Playtimes will run at separate times for the ‘bubbles’ of 15 pupils so that they do not cross contaminate.


Will after school club run? I am afraid that we do not have the capacity to run the school with the new demands and also run breakfast and after school club. These clubs would also mean that bubbles would cross contaminate. So the answer is ‘No’ I’m afraid.


 I am wondering, having heard that a number of other schools are only offering a “childcare” type provision whether or not you will be teaching the curriculum?  All schools are different and our first target will be to ensure that your children are happy and safe. However it will be different from the ‘childcare’ approach we have run up to now. We will have to insist on social distancing for the 15 children in a class. Up to this point we have had 4 or fewer children coming to school and accessing the hall. This will not be the case from June 1st. We will try and run something similar to a fun and happy school day as possible, which will include learning.


Will breakfast and after school club be available?  I’m sorry but no, we do not have the capacity to arrange that at the moment.


Will my child be able to attend part time when I’m at work but in her class group (reception) rather than as a key worker child in a different group? Year R will be with Year R, Year 1 will be with Year 1 and Year 6 will be with Year 6. The children of keyworkers from other year groups will be assigned one of the groups that has space. Obviously we would try and have year 5 with year 6 and year 2 with year 1 but we are massively constricted by the new rules and the numbers. We will do our best for your children.



My main query is about breakfast club and after school club provision for keyworker children - will that be an option? I am very sorry but no – we do not have that capacity at the current time.



Being that our children will not be returning till September will you be able to give us support at home so our children won’t fall behind due to no fault of their own? We will continue to provide material and direct pupils, parents and carers to appropriate resources as best as we are able to. But you are right – it is not their fault. It’s no one’s fault. It’s a global pandemic and things will change. We will do our best. We have strong systems in place for when school returns fully, and we will do whatever we can to make up any gaps, but when that is no one knows. September?


Regarding the planned return to school; obviously the government have issued requests for schools to re-open for his year group but where do we, as his parents, stand legally if we keep him at home? An excellent question to finish with. You are entirely within your rights to make whatever choice you feel is best for your child, and we will support you in whatever choice you make. There are zero penalties for remaining at home. School will be open – it won’t be the same as it was as we are operating under new conditions, but what will not have changed is that our key goal is to keep your children as safe and happy as we can in these strange times.


First of all – don’t worry!

Denmark has different rules but this gives an idea of how some things might look.


I know some people are worrying about home schooling and some are worrying about returning to school – but please don’t worry!


Please don’t worry about home schooling – if it’s not possible then it’s not possible. The key idea is – keep yourselves happy!


If that means screens and gardens or dog walks or playing…PERFECT!


It’s a global pandemic and no one needs extra stress! If you find you can do home schooling then great – there are loads of resources on the school site. And if you can’t, well, that’s no problem – just keep everyone happy!


And if you’re having trouble keeping everyone happy then contact Hayley Breeze or the school office and we’ll do what we can do!


Return to school?

We have been asked to plan for the school to be open to Reception children, Year 1 children and Year 6 children from June 1st.


We will provide more details as we get them - as you know these are swiftly changing times!


And if you feel uneasy about sending your child, that’s fine not to send them! We quite understand and will completely support you in whatever decisions you make.


We will be contacting individual families of Reception, Year 1 and Year 6 pupils to hear your thoughts!


Our key aims remain the same - we just want your children to be safe and happy. If they are safe and happy at home that is great, and if you send them to school we will also do our very best to keep them safe and happy there!


These are difficult times during a global pandemic and we will support you as best we can.


Look after yourselves!

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Until then, school will be open by request, for families we have contacted. 

Please email the office at office@overstrand.norfolk.sch.uk by 9pm the night before.

Thank you!

93 pupils

The Night Zookeeper is an online package which allows teachers to provide work and children to send work to be posted. We used it a few years ago and it is perfect for these times of lockdown! There is no need for parents to sign up - the school has bought a package!

Everyone has been sent their secret log in! Email the school office if you haven't received it or have mispaced it! While you're waiting there are lots of Night Zookeeper videos on YouTube! 

The Belfry school has reopened at a digital level! There are laods of extra learning resources on the Learning tab to the left of this. We'd recommend BBC Bitesize.

School opening and free school meals

We currently have no demand for provision for critical workers children, however if you are a critical worker and would like childcare, please contact the school by emailing office@overstrand.norfolk.sch.uk 

There are (confusingly) two types of Free School Meals

1) Universal Free School Meals - these are for every child in Year 2, Year 1 and Reception. These are not being provided for during the Covid19 pandemic, or during Easter

2) Free School Meals - these are for Pupil Premium children. You will know who you are as we have contacted you all recently! The Government have  introduced a voucher scheme for some schools after Easter, but we will continue to as we have been: the Free School Meal sandwich packs will start again after the Easter holiday.

We'll meet again! (The video is from our last day!)


Advice for home schooling!

Look at the Learning tab to this left of this, watch Joe Wicks and read these articles!



Good apps!





Friday 20th March is the last day of school for a while.

Until we restart..take it easy!

The Belfry works for everyone because we all believe Happy Children Learn - and that will have to be the starting point for us all with our home schooling arrangements.

We need to be happy and adjust to being at home and not feel pressured into replicating school - that, in my opinion, is a sure fire way to ramp up stress!

Resources will soon be available to satisfy the most keen of home educators! However, my strong advice is to use these early days to settle down and adjust; work out how to get along and enjoy being in each other's company during these strange times. 

Routines and homework can evolve later, but need to be built upon a bedrock of peace and calm, and everyone getting on. Happy Children Learn from Happy Households. So please look after yourselves.


We are all living through strange times but one reason the Belfry works is the sense of community, and we hope to maintain that the best we can. Although we have to physically self-isolate we are still a community and we will all support and care for each other, even from a distance. Advice and support will be available for us all as we go forward.


More details as we get them but please take it easy and the school will re-open for us all as soon as we can! 

Coronavirus Facts


Hello there!

I’m Titus Cotton and I am very proud to be Head of the Belfry CEVA Primary School in Overstrand.

We are a small school with 136 pupils, situated in the seaside village of Overstrand, North Norfolk.

The original school dates back to 1830 and our current building was completed in 2006.

The children, their parents, the staff and the governors all work very hard to try and make the school the best that it can be. 

Vision, Values and Ethos

We have three mains aims and beliefs that help us all in settling into school:

Our vision is that  “Happy Children Learn”.

It is our underlying ethos too; we believe that Happy Children Learn, and our vision is for the school is Happy Children Learning.

But where does this happiness come from? As a Christian school we are centred around the theme of Grace, perhaps best exemplified by the story of the Prodigal Son (Luke 15:11-32). As a school we defined our understanding of Grace as, "All choices have consequences, and all pupils are valued unconditionally”.

The children have created their own ethos: “Be Fair, Share and Care”.

Once settled and happy in school our focus on Learning is very much about “Ambition and Progress”.

Hopefully the website will give you a flavour of the school – if there is anything else that you would like to know then please do not hesitate to contact us!

Best wishes,
Titus Cotton, Headteacher

Our Christian Value this half term is FORGIVENESS

Our Ofsted! Thank you to everyone who supports the school!

"...children ‘thoroughly enjoy’ coming to school every day and ‘thrive’ in the ‘can do,’ caring and supportive atmosphere you create for them...exceptional care and consideration": Ofsted Dec 2016

And the child grew, and waxed strong in spirit, filled with wisdom: and the grace of God was upon him. 

Luke 2:40    King James Version 

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