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If you're worried about the return to school here is a good site that might help!


Wellies and coats!

Masks and teacher spaces

Welcome back, children!

Welcome back, grown ups!

March 8th FAQs

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Which uniform is it? If it’s summer and they don’t fit, would we be able to use the winter set until we can get to the shops etc 

We do not mind if you choose winter uniform or summer uniform - whatever works for you!


Is there after school club?

Yes. Breakfast Club and After School Club restart, and times and cost will be as usual. 


There was talk of longer days/summer school etc??(maybe a long way off but thought I'd ask )

We have had no information yet as to what the plans actually are, sorry. Lots of talk in the press and loads of ideas floated but no decisions. We will let you know as soon as any decisions are made.


Uniform as normal ? (winter for the first two weeks back) or can they go in summer uniform?

As long as it's school uniform, of whatever type,, we will be happy with whatever you choose! It will be tricky as the shops are closed! 


Letter to parents from Gavin Williamson, Education Secretary:




8th smiley!

See you all then!

We don't know all the details yet but 8th of March, here we come!

We will keep everyone informed of our plans and safety procedures.

The comment I hear most is the worry about children 'falling behind' - please do not worry too much! It is a national issue, and everyone is in the same boat - all I can tell you is that we have all sorts of systems and procedures ready in place to help the children settle back.

We know what works.

We have lots of play planned, to help the children settle in and feel happy when they return.

We have lots of systems to quickly check where any learning gaps are, and then we can get to work in helping children catch up, if they need to.

And we have the broad and balanced curriculum ready to roll out with PE, Art, Music, History, Geography, Science etc as well as the maths and English.


We have our plans ready so we just need to see what the government say on Monday!


Look after yourselves! Nearly there!




Home schooling and online learning 


    Our staff are here to support you as much as possible – we have contacted and spoken with everyone, and we are very busy with marking and commenting and feeding back to the children! 

    If there are any areas that you need support in then let the class teacher know or phone the school, and we will do whatever we can! 


     Google classes is filled with work but please balance this with your well-being! If it starts getting too much or your child is struggling then please let us know. 

     We’ve all got to get through this together! 


Look after yourselves! 


Unfortunately we have reached capacity for children in school and can take in no new pupils.

The new COVID strain has meant that we have to be exceptionally stringent in terms of social distancing and numbers of children in a bubble have to be strictly adhered to. Apologies.

Google classes through PS4 and XBox!

access Google class through ps4 and x box

10 blue cards xmas.mp4


Our Nativity Video!


If there is a delay for any reason or a technical hitch then we can only apologise – but it will be up for everyone to see – we promise!

It is very rough and ready as we had such a short time to work in and so many restrictions to work with – however we hope you enjoy it!

Inevitably there will be some children who appear more than others – we tried our very best to see everyone, but if your child is not quite as visible as other children I can only apologise, and thank you for your understanding.


We only had one and a half days to film in – some of the footage has not made the edit unfortunately. There was a magical moment when, after Oak’s carol, the music stopped and Isla exclaimed, “It’s snowing!” and we opened the curtains…and it was! There was also one less than magical moment when I overdid the smoke machine and set the fire alarms off. I don’t think that bit has made the edit, thankfully!


These are strange times and everyone in Britain is a bit anxious, but we know Happy Children Learn, and so we make sure play time is fun and free - I've no idea what games they are all playing but they are happy and creative and enjoying their childhood! 


10 Blue Cards

10 Blue Cards.mp4

1st November

     Safe and happy children is what we all want, and in these anxious, unusual times children need to be allowed to have a childhood – a safe and happy childhood.

     We know that people are facing a lockdown in very different situations – some have it easier than others, some have a very difficult time ahead. But what unites everyone – parents, carers, staff, governors, grandparents – is that we all just want our children happy and safe.

     Happy Children Learn underpins everything we do at the Belfry.

     We know that many of you drive past closer schools to come to the Belfry and we greatly appreciate that, and we will continue to do what we have done throughout 2020 – support children with their social and emotional learning: giving them time to lose themselves in play, to enjoy their childhood.

Yes, we will teach your children.

Yes, we will have the same high expectations of your children as you do.

And, yes, we will support your children in meeting these high expectations…

     But underneath it all we know that Happy Children Learn.


     I am so proud of the team that work at The Belfry and I know that they will support your children as best they can.

     Who knows how the next few months will pan out? But at the moment schools remain open and schools are by far the best place for your children to be, if only to allow them to meet and play with their friends and to have as ‘normal’ a childhood as possible!

     There is a government expectation that any child staying at home completes a day’s schoolwork under the supervision of their parents and carers! From what you have all told me, that is a sure-fire way of dialling up the anxiety! We will provide online resources, but we know that is not always easy!

     So, please make use of the school and send your children in; school is at least one thing in the world that you can rely on at the moment!

     We’ll be on the school gates as normal – and we look forward to seeing you all!

What to do if your child is poorly!

what to do !


Hello there!

I’m Titus Cotton and I am very proud to be Head of the Belfry CEVA Primary School in Overstrand.

We are a small school with 136 pupils, situated in the seaside village of Overstrand, North Norfolk.

The original school dates back to 1830 and our current building was completed in 2006.

The children, their parents, the staff and the governors all work very hard to try and make the school the best that it can be. 

Our strongly held belief is that  “Happy Children Learn”.

It underpins everything  we do: we believe that Happy Children Learn, and our vision for the school is Happy Children Learning.

Hopefully the website will give you a flavour of the school – if there is anything else that you would like to know then please do not hesitate to contact us!

Best wishes,
Titus Cotton, Headteacher

Our Christian Value this half term is COMPASSION

And the child grew, and waxed strong in spirit, filled with wisdom: and the grace of God was upon him. 

Luke 2:40    King James Version 

Our Ofsted! Thank you to everyone who supports the school!

"...children ‘thoroughly enjoy’ coming to school every day and ‘thrive’ in the ‘can do,’ caring and supportive atmosphere you create for them...exceptional care and consideration": Ofsted Dec 2016

dpStay Lucky!.mp4

We are out everyday so bring a coat and wellies!

The field 1.mp4parent poster

Children's welcome!

Pupils' welcome.mp4

Parents' and carers' welcome!

Parents' welcome.mp4

Risk Assessment info specifically for parents and carers

This document contains the information from the Risk Assessment that is specifically for parents and carers. Much of it is already addressed in the FAQs  but some new info, including for Reception parents and carers.

Please have a read, if only to reassure yourself that everything is really as safe as can be!

Goodbye Mrs Watkins, and goodbye Year 6!

Leaver's Video 2.mp4Jodie 2.mp4mrs_watkins_vid_ww (1).mp4June 2nd.mp4June 1st.mp4

You'll never find my money! Keep safe, and how to leave the field.


Parents! How to drop your children off!


Kids! How to get to your classroom!


Kids! How to get onto the field!


Parents! How to collect your children!


Posters in school!

DSCN2429.AVIhappy childrenCapture(1)

We'll meet again! (The video is from our last day!)

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